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Sunday 4th October 2020.

Perhaps i was once a plough boy, perhaps my wine glass was fuller than it is now, perhaps i was once 18 years old, and perhaps it did not not rain today across this Manchester Basin, when was the last time i heard a nightengale sing in fact fact in all these 64 years of walking the planet have i ever heard a nightengale sing, and whisper to myself a childish wow, in such thankfullness if such a tune has passed me by on some sunshine day.
Once Winston Churchill said today is Trinity Sunday in a war time speech...and thus on this IT..Flu virus day Sunday i say to myself..today is Trinity Sunday and as i sip the last few bubbles of South African white wine from this glass besides me. I think of this country i live in and wonder about the days of a Death of a Clown back in 1967 when the lion tamer was on his knees looking for runaway flees...sung by the Kinks...But the Kinks singing Lola in my youth...feeds into my transvestite mind, as on this Sunday eve that i recall it was only a whisper during those days when the word transvestite was a word i could barely spell never mind the lure to pull on stockings... Progress they say.....Arrrrrh i think Progress...Poor me..Adam Faith is a tune that blows bubbles on this eve and at least i am in a good frame of mind a sort of childish happyness to blow dandeloins clocks and drink the last few bubbles of the weekend and indeed think Wow...Life is..

To all whom pass this way love and peace...take care..x



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