bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 11th October 2020.

Today it did not rain across this Manchester Basin, the sun did crack the sky alas,  was also fisting wet panties in clouds,  whist it took off it's hat i stood for a short while amongst the crack alas there was no warmth not even a finger to slide across the mind but still it looked beautiful and i am glad i made the effort to stand and stare that old poem with such words eats into my mind each day.
I am sat with a glass of white wine that has no vintage for four pounds on the bottom shelf of a super market what indeed do i expect ....for this i pulled on my gloves pulled up my face covering as i entered the supermarket at the amazing hour of 7.00am this morning, so did a young punk with nothing but his fair skin to the world i asked myself what the fuck, not because of his stance but my own mind in this that and the mole who eats chocolate...
Today is my own Trinity Sunday the bitch and no Bra day, quite where i have picked up such words always makes me smile as i have wallowed in my own Kimono mind set, the fem stance makes me peaceful if only in leggings and a twisted T-Shirt...pottering around these four is enough to make her inside me slumber for at least a few me some peace...

Thus to all whom have passed this way,  love and peace and if your doing the Moon Walk sung by one Nicky Thomas take care..X

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