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Sunday 25th October 2020.

This blank screen is not alone,there is not only me sitting at this screen the Dubliners have joined me or should i say shuffle on my I-Tunes, as it moves on Hitler, Fucking Bastard Thatcher, Clause 28..Where were you, on a song called Imperfect list which really makes one sit up and think wow, on the world beyond this machine.
On a second front...i am becoming quite partial to this Australian wine which sits by my side this evening...after all tis but Sunday..Today i have walked in sunshine...trawled through countless abandoned face masks lay in the gutters of this utopia of Greater Manchester i have kicked fallen leaves..i came across an old man sat on a bench playing a squeeze box by the side of a cannal playing Irish folk music in the sunshine...i stopped and watched a Sunday league football match where every other word was screemed out loud... Fuck....and why was John Lennon Murdered....will the all Amercian Way end in November...will Trump stand proud if so where were you....I watched a man with a leaf blower blow the leaves from his garden out into the road rather than sweep them up and put them away in his green bin..but there is always Telstar by the Tornados.i passed through a park on the way home A young lad said Hello amongst a small group playing on a see-saw how are you....i thought wow is he really speaking to me..i waved back thinking thank you.....would i have seen that on a down town train..there are only perhaps two sips of wine left in this glass the week lies ahead as i inch further towards my 65th birthday...walking this planet..there are days when i think i must put some flowers in my hair and step on the streets of San Fran...but would i travel on a midnight train to Georgia...i take another sip of this wine leaving one last sip which gives me time to give a good tick to the weekend blessed that i have found time to sit here and scribble a few words which snowball into meaningless. And i shall end with 007 Shanty Town Rude Boys Are Real..Desmond Dekker & The Aces..

To all whom  pass this way Love And Peace...Take Care...so Goeth...X



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