bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 28th October 2020.

I have arrived at this blank screen,there is no glass of wine sat beside me, nor is I-Tunes whispering in my ear, i am fresh out of the shower in one of those over large bath robes that cover 60 odd years of creeping red viens up my legs and other bumps and colourings marking each decade with relish, having washed todays rampant trawl through the streets of Greater Manchester though endless traffic lights that always seemed red today, road works that make one screw the eyes up and screem WTF if no one has worked on them for days, all this whirls....inside the head enough heat to boil a kettle..whispering time for tea, trying to not let road works bite the mind inside out.
As i approach my 39th Christmas Pressure on the post...Usually its for myself a happy madness, making me so thankful when Christmas eve comes over the hill with wild Goblins coming down from the moor tops in pink frothing hob nailed boots in unison with myself giving a big sigh of relief....that indeed it's all over for another year.
This year is going to be something Else...i am hoping i will not be sat here to scribble in the same frame of mind as today, not sure if Christmas will be Christmas at all, i hope i have not got a snood in my jacket pocket and i will not meet people with an arry of face coverings and perhaps America will have woken up with S & G'S...songs From Bridge Over Troubled Water will be very much filtering across the air waves whilst they vote....however life is life...and i will leave all with fingers crossed for the future...Love and peace to all whom pass this way So Goeth and take care...X

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