bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 4th November 2020

During the last run of the evening, picking up mail from some small post offices across Greater Manchester, on passing the newspaper stand The Daily Star..a newspaper one should only read sat in a cuboard with the light out and never admit to having bought a copy ever..The Massive headline made me both laugh and sigh in the same gasp....with added sadness that out of over Three hundred million people across the pond in America the battle to have bacon and eggs for breakfast sat in the White house came down to Thus.....

We wanted to stay up for the result But we fell asleep. however, we can tell you this....


He's either 74 or 77. Either a lunatic or senile. And he'll probably be due a little nap right about now!

The British people going into a newspaper shop from 7am this morning would have read these words for a few seconds there minds could possibly be distracted from the IT-Virus as from midnight tonight once more we go into Lockdown until the 2nd of December...2020...a host of freedoms will simply vanish. How strange the Govt can find 30 Million pound for the Police to use drones etc but could not back in the day give one penny to save British Leyland.

And what an odd thought that we might hear the result during Guy Fawkes night tomorrow a traditional night when bonfires were once set alight around the country with the reason lost in history and probably to political correct to talk on, the whys and wonders so best to leave it there or else this current generation might just ban it...

To all whom pass this way love and peace and take care..So Goeth...

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