bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Monday 25th June 2007.

Today i once more ventured into the rain,pulled up my umbrella and limped down the hill to work,here we go i thought once more into the lions den of how much. Pondering on the other side of my head with gosh how fast did the weekend hours vanish down the plug hole captured within the sounds of the ticking clock in the back room,so much rain has fallen over these past few day even my flowers in the garden are crying out enough, enough, we surrender.Thinking back to April when my grey matter almost melted in my tiny red van,feeling also stricken by doubt form reading the glaring headline of how hot our summer was going to be,i could picture the black death coming over the hill...singing it's a monster,it's a monster.Sadly it was no monster cock wanting to be sucked, no deep throat bouncing off the ceiling,no shooting sperm clutching the back yards of my throat gasping for more, drowning in cum bubbles.
My only bubbles where the stories in my mind trickling through odd glimpses of the past,spat out during this ever depressing summer rain,today i thought of that long walk i had back to my Aunts house, how i had a head of hair and just felt like walking in the rain,no hood up in my parka,just me amongst the Bus fumes traveling up the worries about carbon footprint then,no worries about how much for a pint of foaming mirth,jumping on a bus and worrying about how much the fare,you simply just did it back in those oak god days of youth.Neither did you worry about being slashed by a blade,you simply took your seat,watching the world drift by,yes i had doubts,worries simply though not on the scale of today.I was still fresh out of boarding school,slightly confused after a crush,still a female virgin..gosh now what worries,were those.
LIfe marches on,but who are we the great unwashed,no voice, no care,the cross in the box not worth the effort of walking down into the booth.I glanced up to day into the sky raindrops did not hide the big silver bird nor did the grey sky hide the emblem of Singapore Airlines all that young hot cock just 12 hours away..but ho-hum i'd just settle for some warmth and a cool beer..the cocks can

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