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Saturday 7th November 2020.

Drizzles of Guy Fawkes night fireworks splutter in the Saturday evening sky beyond this rooms window, perhaps a celebration of a birthday or perhaps fuck it someone just wants to see fireworks explode to cascade in the night sky such is the gloom which hangs over this country....on this eve...
I have myself become tired of the two old men spitting at each other and have thus not pressed any buttons to see what is on offer across the pond between these two countries, on whom will  sit in the white house...i wonder what indeed the Americas would now look like had the Mayflower had not set sail in those old school history books or indeed become blown by winds to South America instead what then for the world indeed. There would perhaps have been no American Civil War..no General Custor..excuse my spelling if you will and the greatest sigh for me no music spiriting over the vast horizon to splosh around my ears on this eve...
In stead tonight as being Saturday thus the weekend i have opened a butchered job of a wine bottle where two grapes have been mixed....Chardonnay being one grape the other at this eve of day i cannot quite spell which is quite a spilf..seeing i failed my 11plus school exam some 50 years ago...instead tonight whilst cooking the evening meal i pondered on something great coming across the american air waves...to the tune of Danny and the Juniors..At The Hop......A song which hits the repeat button perhaps to many times thankfully i sit here in silence apart from the ticking of clocks and the stabbing of these keys....trying in vain to fill this blank space with some sense....At The Hop...was a record played at the town fairs during my child hood before the Beatles took over bringing back memories of candy floss, pop corn, and girls with short dresses...as the fair ground rides biffed and boshed in the evening air...However i am going to finish tonight..with the tune, Hang on In there Baby by Johnny Bristol with a sense of hope we do indeed all hang in there...

To all whom pass this way love and peace...take care...and...So Goeth...x



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