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Thursday 12th November 2020.

I am on leave from my blue uniform during this week, as always i had a host of golden ideas where i would do this,that, catch up on that which as usual falls by the wayside as other bits and bobs in life crowd out of the gutter crawl down from lamp posts tinged with Autumn weather, to fill my mind with bubbles and crisp or soggy fallen autumn golden leaves depending how many rain drops have cascaded across my brow.
It has also been a period of reflection poking out of the tongue on life in old loves, concert tickets, and a rash of CD'S...i have picked up either in new crispy wrappers or on dusty shelves from charity shops before Big Bad Boris once more drew down the blinds on freedom of movement during this month of November....I have reached two mountain tops which i have stood stared across the horizon wondering the old cliche where indeed time has vanished slipped through my fingers with only curled up photo's of proof to my mind i have foot fallen...I have reached my 39th year wearing a blue uniform...and i have almost reached 65 years walking on this planet.

This is a picture whilst tripping through New York in January 1991 during the Gulf War...when New York was almost at war with itself...the list of do nots whilst walking on the streets, pinned to the door of the youth hostel could read quite frightening thoughts if one stared long enough at the list, however i teamed up with an Aussie lad staying in the same dorm hence this Picture....

A young lady i follow on Lj...scribbled on her blog am i ugly.....a few days ago....this picture i had taken by a young blond girl half my age whilst sat in my tiny red van on reaching my 39th year in a blue uniform made me think hard on her words....am i ugly..the mind still thinks on its only 18...but the mirror tells the truth....but hey life is..don't look back in anger and don't let the bed bugs bite....

To all whom pass this way love and peace..take care....So Goeth...X


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Nov. 12th, 2020 11:48 am (UTC)
We are only as 'ugly' 'as our experiences... and I'd say that your experiences have treated your features kindly. :-)
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