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Sunday 15th November 2020.

And so i take on this Sunday eve the last sip from a bottle of Pecheur vintage 2019 white wine found on the bottom shelf of a supermarket for under Five pounds is taken... gosh, wow, thinks my teenage mind, as i reflect on my week away from my blue uniform, as the time has spluttered through my fingers in tiny grains of sand i could not catch to hold on to the crumbling hours..my small boy childish mind wonders indeed where has time vanished...my old age of 65 knows only too well the answer, as my to do list has simply curled even further down the poetic fork in the woods less taken....
I have at least also..thought on the lines " We have no time to stand and stare ".. this past week having time to ponder "What is life if full of care "...in the moors above Goyt Valley...to indeed stand and stare across the horizon giving thanks to the mass trespass across Kinder Scout in 1932...of those gallent few that felt fuck it..pulling on some walking boots tired of Factory smoke stacks rising above the seat of God....In the Cities and towns of Northen England. Giving a right for the working classes to walk across this green land in freedom to indeed stand and stare.
i have also felt doubts about arriving at the age of 65....my mind is still locked in at 18...but the body knows only too well just how old it is, therefore the last nine yards of life is a coal bucket of soft sandles tagged with a few well worn torn dresses with busted bras across the horizon....as i hear media news of some of my school boy hero's press ganged into a pine box with notes slipped into the history books filled with dust as they depart this planet...
Billy Bragg sings a"  Lover Sings " across my I-Tunes account...So To...The Isley Brothers..Who's that lady.... which means perhaps i should end tonight with a thought for the world and the word Hope....

To all whom pass this way..Love and Peace...Take care...So Goeth...x


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Nov. 15th, 2020 11:52 pm (UTC)
Over the span of 65 years I can only imagine all the places you've been and things that you've seen. Happy birthday :)
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