bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 10th January 2021. simply i trundle down the last nine yards of life...Nothing coming from across the pond staggers or shocks me...i simply sigh and think only in America...if one nation could press the four minute warning then America would fit the bill..perhaps they would simply press the button whist having a gob-full of a Mcdonalds Big Mac and fries...washed down with a paper cup of pip popping Cola whilst spitting out the ice cubes....and simply wipe off the trash from the desk  in the same moment press the button whilst playing Elvis singing in the Getto...and probably slob over a giant ice cream sunday, as the world turns pink. Thankfully there are greater people coming out of America than above...which at least gives a sigh to the word HOPE...
As much as one tries to hide from the news today, it is almost impossible, its there stares you in the face every street corner,every bus that passes,every food product label shouts out loud, every lamp post has a camera, Noddy Cars feasted with cameras sweep the streets watching waiting for one false move, on new years even traffic wardens are there waiting watching, did George Orwell really see this coming could he really scribble a comic book on the year 2020/ Greater Manchester simply an open yesterdays newspapers blow in the wind.
We are deep in another lock down, and yes they are building around the cobbled streets of Greater Manchester vast electronic advert hordings pumping out in lurid bright lights...stay at home, but do not forget to buy this and that... whilst the shit fills the streets even higher with discarded waste pumped out by midnight peoples whom put We Love Manchester stickers on thier cars and throw out old sofas and beds......perhaps i am becoming old, perhaps a grumpy old man, perhaps i need to sit with old King Canute on the shore line and watch him turn the tide....perhaps tonight i have simply drunk to much white wine and the wonder as the beast triffids eat my mind why David Bowie covered the song Sorrow...and is his song Rebel Rebel..the anthem of a doomed Transvestite...and do i indeed miss his strut on the stage.

To all whom pass this way love and peace..take care in these strange times..So Goeth...X

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