bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 27th June 2007.

In the murky depths i am here, why i say to my self..?? how many blogs are out there,but never mind such a question,i remember once sitting in a field full of cabbages and pulling one, eating from such leaves such was the food in boarding school such was the hunger, i can also remember vividly the record of the time, heard in secret beneath the pillow,i remember such a crush now some 28 years ago and i still wonder what if..I am a strange cat or is that a slur on such a creature.Today i allowed a few weeks old Staffordshire Bull Terrier to tear at my legs its tiny sharp claws pulling at my skin the new life enthralled me it looked so sweet,yet will one day i feel such pain from just glimpsing the creature leaping up and down full grown behind the door,snapping away a lost troglodyte gripped in anguish floundering in a sea consumed by saccharine turtles.
Today was the last day of Tony Blair if i say beast of triffids does this mean the fare well was on my mind,and perhaps i will linger on such....
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