bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Monday 12 April 2021.

Today the N....of normal began...will the rest of the word normal grow across this land or once more a another lock down wave will pour of the hill due to the mass of people hiding in a beer glass today....In all my years i never thought i would witness a queue outside there again can you even call Weatherspoons..a pub.....Each open pub....i passed was rammed in the beer garden with all manner and means of tents blowin in the wind, suddenly springing up over the past weekend to conform to the new rules on social distance of which i do understand, but all this,  to entice back the lure of the open glass of ale really quite sad....
For myself i think i shall wait for proper Summer to cast it's spell before i could sip a pub beer...and relax without the fear of where have i put my mask if someone ventures just too near...all quite sad really the melancholy madness still lies within probably because this April is the coldest since 1968, i am still wearing that many layers to keep warm trundling the streets of that aweful word....Greater Manchester.
Barbers too were rammed i do indeed need a hair cut the Fem inside has been pecking at my mind for weeks, as for sitting on stools in a line outside barbers shop is something else, waiting is perhaps not inside me in this form and i think i can put up with Fem eating my mind...until a few good weeks....when the stools return to there rightful place....

To all whom pass this way love and peace..take care...So Goeth...X

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