bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 12th September 2006.

Seven-up,do you think i could enjoy,or maybe endure seven up the fantasy sounds wonderful and if i wallow long enough the blue acorns could it become a possibility.However this can straight out of the fridge plus two most tiny samples of chocolate is the nearest i am going to taste seven up,and really i only thought about seven up,when i opened the fridge a few moments ago.i have thought about two though and i do not think that that is a too far pitched dream to aim for at all.And one thing i have to thank this fizzy can of pop for is the fact that i am not holding a glass of Vino Verde..all right i had a bottle last night and it took great effort to sit here last night and scribble to my mistress..though really that is the wrong word i wonder if she would be insulted if i thought of her as my dominatrix.

Before i journeyed home,this year and those intense months of April through to actual take off,i could quite easy munch through half a dozen bottles of vino verde in a week,even my favourite fat dragon raised her eyebrows.But since the intense patter across these keys in tiny blobs of internet shops,tucked up cafe's where all you could hear was ribald young males playing push pull shot-um up games and i could have been arrested for looking at their shorts,thinking what a waste.
Times where all i had was time to reel in the warthogs splashing in my mind,that night and those few fleeting moments with the lady of the night,who i will probably never for get just like that old tucked up lady in indonesia huddled on the bridge in nothing but rags.The bright sunshine caught in the sunflowers edge of katee..the lure to open bottle after bottle has gone.The contentment of simply a couple when work does not call in the early hours has once more mushroomed.

And who do i have to thank for this wonder..oh yes my who's own journal said five years...gosh shall i am for

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