bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Bank Holiday Monday 3rd May 2021.

If this was a normal working day, then no doubt sunshine would be pouring through the window of this room and really i would not be sat here as early evening approaches..However today is the first bank holiday of the year really it should have been on the first day of the month.... alas perhaps it would have been frowned on if enmass people ran naked through cabbage fields or dancing around a Maypole before wandering into the bushes to eat Blueberries...Yet it is alright to paper Ten Downing street with expensive wall paper...all said with the tongue in cheek at poor old Big Bad Boris whom really has had some flack these past weeks, i cannot explain why i have a tender streak for a Tory Minster but there you go if it had been Thatcher now that would be an interesting story or would my white screen been simply full of Fuckwits...
However today here now the rain dribbles down my window on to the world i had hoped to sit in the garden pot a few plants open the wine bottle instead i am trying to down load a host of CD'S..i have picked up these last few months whilst trawlling through charity shops and good old HMV..where perhaps one day they will not sell CD'S any more....which will mean another sign of old age for me hopefully not to far down the grumpy olfd man route...
Time has passed a bottle of wine has been consumed with glee the evening begins to pass over to the goblins of the night therefore i say a big Boo to the world....

To all whom pass this way love and peace take care So Goeth....XX

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