bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 3rd July 2007.

I am on the eve of yet another July forth,no doubt the fizz bangs,wallops heads will echo from across the big wide pond,surf will pound,sprats will swim somewhere in the vast ocean a whale will trawl plankton oblivious to such facts.Perhaps flotsam might trickle in,will such a animal spit wrath at such an intrusion to it's life.I wonder if it knew that Paris Hilton's old toothbrush was bought for $305...would the word, consider, cross the skull at future flotsam floating in the murky depths.
AT first i thought what a complete idiot, and then i remember reading some time past that Maria Callas's personal belongings were being sold in France,which included her under ware,i recall at the time,had,i any copper pennies in my pocket left over from feeding the government of the day,there might be a possibility in my dreams of bidding for such.I also thought about the under ware i brought home from Australia regarding my was easy to pass good clothes on to the Sally-Ann,take to the tip unwanted political correct garments of this age..yet her under ware was somehow some thing different,as if i was throwing her one last time on the tip her innermost soul,to cast on the open world the remnants of one life who's foot fall is of no more.Is this because i am a transvestite,or simply something else i cannot quite fathom.

What i did buy, surrounding Maria Callas...was a album,now each time i play it especially after opening a bottle of red wine memories of my aunt flood in,I also recall driving down to Wales to see my father,half in dread,half in hope.i also think had i not seen the newspaper story such a purchase would not have happened,so maybe there is something in a tired old toothbrush.

Another thing on this eve playing on my mind is the fact that tomorrow is my old drinking mucker's birthday perhaps he would have reached the age of 56,no doubt we would have tasted a few sherbets together,laughed giggled admired the barmaid from a far,i always used to tease him for he was not a great fan of Americans,perhaps some tourist stood on his toe one day past,or John Wayne climbed on his horse one time to many,such a fact that in the Philippines..all men with pale skin amass the retort..." Hi Joe " from all the white toothed beaming smiles from runabout children, personally it never bothered me far better than fucking white man or some such utterance.
So i shall think of him as i ride around in my tiny tin can on rubber wheels, amongst the sunflowers i usually put inside my mind to make the day more bearable when usual routine caves in to blow as sand dunes across the mind.

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