bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Saturday 7th August 2021.

And so the weekend begins i have a few moments to sit in this tiny room with the simple hum of this machine and this big white wide screen for company, poking out it's tongue along with a rebuke of where have you been for most of this English summer. Time and tide waits for no man i seem to recall from old school days, if king Canute could not turn the tide then perhaps only pink elephants can and i have not seen them pass this way for many a day, they are indeed in short supply, nor can i explain to myself quite why of all the history i sat through behind a school desk King Canute whispers in my ear each morning as i rise from the Goblins of the night..Perhaps they too are perhaps tired of this plague the ins and outs of fuckwits, apple twisters, and the media games which crawl up the stairs and bite yer Bum....
However i am in a fairly good happy mood am now down to my last 30 weeks in a blue uniform todays run is soft on the mind and i look forward to some bubbles in the kitchen with the boom of my I-Pod....The song In the year 2525....cooled the air waves last night as i pressed the repeat button i wondered if mankind will even arrive at 2525 never mind the year 3535....of coarse i will not be here and probably the daises i push up when back in the clod might not be flowering in 3535 either...some songs sit in the head thankfully this one just brings up happy memories when english Summers were indeed such.
Time to pull on my hold up stockings pinch on my panties and cover with my blue uniform and out into the wild world, my mind tells me not to buy a newspaper today my  pocket has other ideas with the few coppers it carries, sometimes it is best not to stick my head in the sand to long..sigh...

To all whom pass this way Love and Peace take care So Goeth....X

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