bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 1st September 2021. the first day of Autumn...Biff Bash Bosh will be the weather fronts crossing Greater Manchester.. for the next three months. Frizzled raindrops with a casting clout of mild sunshine broke through this afternoon whilst trawling through the streets of my tiny red van i already carry a winter jacket and have put my sun hat into the wash with a heavy sigh plus  a thought i will not work another summer in my old blue uniform amongst these Moors, i twist through each working day...I am not sure if i was sad or in glee with such a thought as i move closer to the end of the last nine yards of life. This year will be my 40th year on the post,this morning whilst talking to another postman on uniforms past and present he felt now as if he was wearing a prisoner uniform and at the end of each day he could not wait to rip it off his back with all the changes over the years in postal delivery....I was quite stunned with his words feeling both sad and pity for him witth all those years still to go before he even reaches the last nine yards of life....

Perhaps because September is a month of Beast Triffids and Saccharine Turtles whispering in my ears swirling past thoughts amongst the ripe Blackberries i have pick along the road side and eaten them off hand i ponder on such as....Today in 2005...i closed the door on my uncles house for the last time and returned to keys to the owner, in Bakers Hill Western Australia....the closing memory is the sun flowers i left behind propped against a tree in the yard...sometimes i dwell, especially after a glass or two of bubbles of simply returning to stand and stare in the long grass in the surrounding fields to see if i can feel something of those days and ask myself why he choose the bottle instead of life during that the back of my mind i recall an American tourist some years back whom travelled to England on such a goal....simply saying they felt as if they were standing in a parking lot and nothing else....perhaps i am a daft old bat in wrinkled stockings at such a wonder would indeed i feel more than they....On a good note England beat Germany the year i shall close on that note.....

To all whom pass this way love and peace...take care So Goeth...X

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