bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 12th September 2021...

I have a glass of Chardonnay by my side.....i have a few ponder before the big wide pillow calls my bluff and the nightly Goblins in pink laced hob nailed boots come to play emotional football through the crazy street mix of my slumbering mind.....Had i not bought The Guardian..newspaper on Saturday...i would have never have cast a mind to the shattered twin towers falling on that fateful day for America...9/11...always confuses a term of days too 20 years...Wow..and Gosh....i do recall snippits of why, where, i mark that day.
Whilst in my tiny red van on Saturday as a rememberance to that sadness day...a goose by Stalybridge canal decided to cross the road in front of my tiny red was if it new i would stop and the goose head held high calmly walked across the if a sargent major, i simply sat there and thought Wow..
My wine glass is now empty thus time to vanish into the night air....therefore...

Love and Peace to all whom pass this way....Take care....So Goeth...

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