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Friday 17th September 2021.

I had thought with my blue uniform hanging in the cellar these past five days for a well earned rest from the rush of the madenning never ending traffic across the roads of Greater Manchester, that indeed i would have sat before this machine sooner to scribble a few words without the slumber of a wine glass...however the quite warm and calm weather front sat on top of this sprawl of land pinching buxom bums and whispering at howling cats as the sunshine  chased the day...has kept me at bay...the list of do's hiding inside my head has been a popping corns of endless lists...i will not pretend to have climbed the mountain but perhaps i have hurled a few rocks here and there to make a few tickles over these few days on such lists floating inside my head over this sanctuary....i sit in from the mad world beyond this window.
                   I never thought one day i would slip pairs of Levi jeans into a bag to be given away to make room for some of my fem clothes...there was a time when i lived in them in youth even patching my own as they became thread bare...I still recall my first pair at the cost of £ 4.00 back in the late sixties early seventies the resistance from my parents to own a pair was quite awesome....and setting my soul on a levi jacket was even worse alas my mother refused as in her eyes the jacket was regarded as only for scruffs.....Was i a scruff, well i liked to think back then i was a sorta late hippy kinda soul hanging on to the hippy thoughts by the coat tails flapping in the winds...jeans t-shirts....and huming Donovans Catch The Wind......

To all whom pass this way Love and Peace...Take Care...So Goeth....X



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