bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 31st July 2007.

The last day of the month,what am i fit for,absolutely nothing,somewhere there is a song in such a word..was it WAR and the band, time slips,time drifts, words play chess across the table,bumble bee's sting the cock,life hovers in butterfly wings,god whom ever it was has left,Bruce Willis told me so,in a film that makes me think,then is not always the case.Why does i sit in the darkened room and watch.
One of my favourite shots in film land,the Welshman who sang in ZULU..last week passed think i once hid behind the chair during cowboy and Indian films,how age grabs us, one of my favourite blogs talked about ten years,...i thought in twenty i will be lucky to be alive,how fast time goes,it does not seam that long ago i watched the first step on the moon,the utopia in such a first step has now melted to bubble gum wrappers.
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