bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Monday 6th August 2007.

Every time recently i come and sit before this plastic god,i wonder where time has slipped off to,the words always tomorrow is such a deadly habit i drizzle into far to many times.I find myself grumbling to myself when blogs i wallow in have become stale or simply vanished from the wireless waves,yet here i am doing much the same plodding along in the lame duck mode.There have been so many Goblins in my head simply sat there pulling legs off spiders,the broom to sweep them out is lay in some dark corner.
It is not as if i have had on my beaming pornography glasses either,or rampant bed fucking to stitch up the loose hours away from work,i think i can put some of it down to the grapes squeezed inside clear bottles,the first glass always brings out the second screaming and flailing all over the place,could it possibly the summer pink waving flowers adorning every hanging basket from the urban splashing red bricked houses covered in grey slate,perhaps so.
This morning i read a blog who feels that summer has had it's time and wishes for fall,for him it is a new beginning and not the death seen in falling leaves,it was a nice take, play with words it also made me think far to hard for early morning sat here.
I just wish summer would arrive,giving some warmth before i have to dig out my heavy overcoat,scarf,muffler..the uniform of so many months in down town Manchester..the city that even flagstones wilt under the long grey foreboding winter months...due to arrive in around eight weeks,the season that is never late whom even gobbles up part of spring,lurches backwards in to summer with a raped smile as if jack frost has fingered my anal passage with gaw-un snot rather than hard hotness in breathless passion that i can desire, that i know only to well is a season never late.
Also posted was some ripe juicy large cocks,making mine look like a full stop.I like his posts because he put some context,some story,which makes me sit back and go wowo..some are not all happy i looked at this huge cock straining this morning thinking gosh only half would fit my mouth..what a waste..yet what a delight.As i looked at this handsome face,twinkling eyes full of vim and vigour..i did not expect the sorry tale told underneath how sad, makes my horny Goblins turn into caterpillars munching sweetly away on pot plants.
Yesterday i closed my eyes, ran my fingers up and down my and pulled i do this for i would not play half the stuff gathering dust..out popped Janis Joplin..another talent pressing the self destruct button,her voice waved around the kitchen spiders ran to corners the sun played games behind clouds i pulled the cork wow i thought almost bliss.

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