bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 21st August 2007.

Down at fine leg.....the wireless bleats on...England are playing India in a day night cricket match.BBC long wave lives on...some things never change,can we be grateful for such a thought, progress is such a ugg word...H..mentions we are from the same generation-ish...and how glad he is..i read such words this afternoon,i felt much the same..even given this generation..with i-pods;e-pods and every other pod found under the mulberry bush,do i envy them after carrying such a contraption as a cassette player,that you could watch batteries seep away before your eyes,sadly no;but i should; i should be screaming for being born in the wrong generation..but i do not,i feel very sad for those growing up today,every pregnant lady i see my heart sinks to oblivion..Churchill once said the " The future is bright " what would he say today after bending Gods ears for some forty years...bright might be the last word he utters...

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