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Wednesday 22nd August 2007.

Some days past i put a small comment in a blog amounting to but a few words,today i had a reply from someone who must read the same blog or indeed knows the person directly...In amongst the two lines i was called a " frigging Illiterate dolt "...i had to look frigging up just to gather to myself what i thought it was, alas could not find it in a paper dictionary,but some how " Frigging in the Rigging " slipped under cover bounced around my head i smiled at the thought,the beat, that the Sex Pistols strutted to while singing the song with such words,i suppose that tomorrow in my tiny red van i will be singing it to my self..so ho-hum to that..i also looked up dolt....slow-witted or stupid person i do not take offense to either,not all of us made it to university,not all of us could grasp English grammar,the dream of what lay beyond a summers day through a school classroom window felt more alive than,where to place a full stop,yes i might regret such a stance,however the clock face cannot be freshly mounted in the time bucket i now flounder..some one also has to empty the bins, crawl in the sewers, deliver the post,so that we can be called frigging dolts,by those that choose such words.
Frigging is mainly an American import long since dropped faded away with other such words as Fab..Groovy..as the new generations bring there own words which filter through to join the slang of the decade....Dolt i have never heard..it has always been..spaz...silly bugger or the two male names Nigel,Tim..etc..etc mixed with other words..which no doubt will loose favour one day.
I am all for freedom of speech...the 1948 human rights which England signed up to is full of ideals around the word freedom and was to be put up in every school in the land,but some how grew cobwebs, being kindly forgotten in case the great unwashed should rise above there station,to demand the free champagne which they were promised,or was that Jam....for fighting the second world war.
But what does make me sad is the hiding behind a friends only page in a journal and a block on the reply button..life i guess for sticking ones head up above the wall to be biff bash boffed....by only the chosen few...


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Aug. 22nd, 2007 09:10 pm (UTC)
Some trolls on the internet look for someone to attack to get their rocks off. I hope you do not take his/her pissing in the dark to heart. Some people are totally lacking in emotional intelligence and are very sad small people. That is not something for which even perfect grammar or form can ever make amends. I do not know what "they" were reacting to, or why you were the target, however I do know that YOU, my dearheart, have them "frigging" beat in spades in all spheres. I have no real reason to say this other than I know your heart, your mind, your very soul perhaps better than you know it yourself, and I have the right to say it is so. Only a true dolt makes snarky remarks like your troll, and are are of no significance. Someone like that makes no contribution to the world.
He/she has the right to take their "frigging" free speech opinion and go fuck him/her self.
Aug. 23rd, 2007 03:16 am (UTC)
the world is full of empty and pinheaded trolls. they are everywhere. the really scary thing is that they vote. pity a flame thrower cannot be employed to solve this proble.
on the other hand, there is a part of me that would love to see "the great unwashed" rise up and EAT the rich, and chase their spouses and children across the frozen waste with hounds as big as polo ponies snapping at their asses.
Aug. 23rd, 2007 10:12 am (UTC)
my mum won't use the word frigging - the thought of mastubarting someone is apparently too sexual whereas the curse of bitch bum bastard is not...
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