bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday 23rd August 2007.

The battle sounds of the day,are beginning to subside,i can now hear the sounds of the ticking clock,the traffic outside the window becomes slush, i sit here freshly showered after washing away the battle sounds found in daylight hours. The sun shone in earnest,so did the flesh dressed in white t-shirts,breasts flounced,lunch-boxes sweated in the sun.The horrors of the wireless were mute,i played Smashing Pumpkins among others, a strange mixture how could i possibly have Edith Piaf on the same made up tape, strange glances came from open windows as my tiny red van passed.
Thankfully my fridge was empty of chardonnay or else perhaps i would not be sat hear such were my thoughts surrounding the shooting of a 11 year old boy in Liverpool yesterday..i turned up the wireless to blot out the crazy world,my home, my country, has become.There was a gem about vin's blogged in OZ..,tonight, small human touches,enough to think of Allan Ginsberg....

" Who cares what it's all about?
I do!Edger Allen Poe cares!Shelley cares!Beethoven & Dylan care.
Do you Care?What are you about
Or are you a human being with 10 fingers & two eyes?.."

Allan Ginsberg..New York City October 24, 1995

Somethings never change, only the time warp dated in print before my eyes...

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