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Thursday 6th September 2007.

I saw a dragon fly today,only for fleeting seconds the colours on the wings magnified by the glinting sun took me back to school boy summers;i had to swipe such mind games away, the havoc of the days work was taking it's toll,so no time to ponder.I did wonder though if this tiny delicate creature new that Pavarotti had passed away in the early hours of the morning,perhaps that's why this beautiful winged insect was dancing away,a celebration of life.
Much has been said about Pavarotti today on the wireless much about football,i remember 1990 well,and that mad English hope that we will always win the world cup.
I thought today how apt,the snapping stucco news casts also mentioned the laying down of the young lad from Liverpool shot in the street..his last day above ground,his parents requesting a happy day dressed in football shirts.
Bill Shankley..once said that " football is a religion "..like God..i do not much care for either,as i used too.The magic for me has faded into adverts and money with the actual sport becoming a worm to be turned feted over,more money than you can stuff in a porcelain god...minus the peas and carrots after a bad night on a bag full of foaming mirth.
Lets hope that should souls,ghosts be more than folklore,that both of them are chatting tonight on whether England can win on Saturday night.
Do things happen in three's late afternoon i was behind a bus in my tiny red van two young schoolboys were on the back seat..drat i thought finger fucks signs and poking out of tongue's,other lurid face contortions quite unmentionable..my only defense, a sigh, wondering what innocence lay beyond the trouser zips...but no a smile,thumbs-up the ghost of some old fighter pilot and a flourishing wave..gosh i thought as i turned the bend away giving some mad wave back.



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