bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 23rd September 2007.

The can of 7-UP, wot no my side tells me works is but a few hours away from this Sunday night...there was a time when i used to enjoy work,however since Maggie's handbag opened letting out all those gremlins who sneer at any one below the band of Middle England.Work has become a brain dead cart horse,being an active trade unionist has made one stand in the ranks of the Forlorn Hope Regiment..we might say loudly no surrender but slowly surely we are being groomed for the work house days once more.Each week, each day, a backward step is being taken,forward facing maybe,a route never,not until the door is locked behind us.But i do not think i have been so glum,despondent,not only for myself but the generations coming after me who will have to work longer,harder in years, for reasons such as dynamic,forward thinking,they keep telling us no money for pensions,therefore you must work longer to pay for such hope in future years,funny how they found billions to bolster the bank Northern Rock within forty-eight hours...AARRHH they squeal..AARRHH bollocks i say...
Once more i am about to stand on the picket line two forty-eight hour strikes back to back,i seriously think that the management are bent on destroying the union,for i have never seen such proposals for a pay rise,in fact they can shove their pay rise,i'd rather not bother to grovel to their demands.
The thoughts that hurt the most,is this is my generation doing this..the weed-smokers..LSD..trippers,Peace Brother,Summer of Luv,all sold out to the jolly green giant the Dollar....IT was Bevin who said lower than Vermin...nothing ever changes, sadly them and us.

Today is bisexual day,some least...for some corner of my mind to celebrate..belly dancing now there is a thing....

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