bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Friday 5th October 2007.

Today is the anniversary of the Jarrow Crusade...they say there are a few myths passed down time surrounding the event..i do not think shoe leather trodden down those roads was a myth..nor the fact that the prime minister of the day refused to see them..So they gained nothing no work was forth coming,and the history books are were it all ends...
Today i did not set off for London by foot,instead i trod the lonely morning as once more i take industrial action and stand on the picket line..5am...with only the fighting cats calling in the distance was my company at first..the moon, high a bright flicker the north star loomed steady as ever,high in the clear night the jet streams could just be made out if you followed back from the aircraft's flashing lights,fingers crossed i wished i was high in the sky,instead of feet on tarmac,how many times have i withdrew my labour these past twenty-six years enough to fill a bath..maybe those cats had the right idea...fight fuck..or is it fuck fight...any way time to tighten the belt,pull another notch..water the cake weed,cast dreams into the waters to see where i will be on the Jarrow Crusade anniversary in twelve months time.

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