bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 7th October 2007.

I cannot remember how many pints of foaming mirth i drank yesterday.
But i can remember the name of the pub..." Jack and Jill " apt was the name as i stood there in wonder as England took on the mighty gob spluttering Australians in Tiddly-winks..with a score that was going to run up in telephone numbers...the faces on the defeated Australians was unforgettable especially when they were going to mash England..ohhh gosh...well that's enough of the glitter...and boast us, me, i, English are not used to such. No doubt the Australian press must have tore the sorry lads to would not surprise me to read of players hanging from every lamp post in Sidney..and yes it is only a game..or is it...have we been programmed that much to keep the eye on the ball while politicians push the knife further into the backs of the great unwashed....
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