bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 9th October 2007.

I am one of the few idiots left in the country who does not rush to the supermarket and stock up with milk,i still cling to that age old tradition of door step milk,the sight of electric milk floats in the pre-dawn,under those gaudy yellow tinged street lights is a comfort that some of my childhood still wanders across the planet.Yes i know that the milk float no longer groans under countless crates,there is no longer the chance to stop him and buy a pint of fresh orange juice either,from amongst one single crate,which all milkmen used to carry in those far off days before buses turned into close comfort dragnets on wheels.
As much as i still love bus travel,even to the extent where satan's children gob,cuss,throw up,piss in empty coco-cola bottles,draw i luv suzzy on anything which takes felt pen marks,and scream down mobile phones,about who has shagged johnny,Sally is a fat slag,pink toe nails are in,the conversation is endless.
There was nothing like rushing down from the top deck hanging on the polished open air chrome poll trying to leap off before the bus has stopped,whilst the conductor was trying to clip yer ears.. and gosh if you got away from paying your tuppence fare,by hiding behind the large steel worker,hands like mountains,sandwich box quarter-master size enclosed in ex-army green billie bags so you could squeeze some sweetness from the sweetie jar in some gloomy corner shop,where a big buxom lady would growl behind the counter,her bra's on the washing line floated as if giant jelly fish,long before sex entered my groin i thought how many apples could be scrumped within that cloth.I wonder then did those clippie's think on us as satan's children.
I no longer feel as if apples belong in the buxom women's bra hanging in the acid rain,they no longer gather soot,flap about,no,now a big sucking white coil hangs out from windows connected from the white boxed dryers whirling away.
The magic from the hanging bra has gone the way of two maned buses,perhaps i should buy Tomb Raider...or better still watch...Man of Fire...Denzel Washington does my head in i wonder, could i fit him in the straps of the corner shops buxom bra probed from the flying white drum carry him home for the night.

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