bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Monday 18th September 2006.

It has been a long search,many thorny roads have been trodden,many a bend taken and many a candle in the distance seamed to hold hope,only to be snuffed out,within arms reach.Each time i have sighed dropped my baggage and thought should i go on to the next bend,i would take off my hobnailed boots ease the pressure on my weary feet,perhaps take a drink from the cool waters.This rich fluid,a colour of no distinction,a taste of even less,then perhaps it was hope then that drove me on to the next bend and to finally find a candle that did not fizz and futt when reached for.

The gratitude for the opportunity to serve my mistress,in a tapestry which mistress butterfly could have well rejected out hand, of not being worthy to serve such beauty or having the time to bother with such a forlorn slave such as i.Is too woozy to contemplate,it would be an infinitesimal nightmare should she reject me therefore i am radiant in hope that whilst mistress is away for these three days,i can carry out her written instructions to see if i am worthy to be her slave.

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