bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Monday 22nd October 2007.

Thankfully sunrise,sunset,still makes my mind go wowo,with childhood glee,adult passion mixed in amongst Warthog dung beatles flying through spiders webs makes me stop where ever i am, if only for a few seconds, just to simply soak in something not yet tainted with gory details from human bondage spitting from within the confines wrought in a plastic wireless set.This picture,if it up loads and works was taken last Saturday Morning as my tiny red van carpet bagged through farm fields.

The bike abandoned,left against the fence pole,the chain broken free from cog,had perhaps wilted the persons mind to simply say sod it..!!..bollocks..,either they hoped the night demons would venture from the nearby wood take glee riding haphazard through ploughed fields or did not give a toss if they ever clapped eyes on such steel again.
When i came across this vision before me,i thought gosh when i was once a lad,me and me muckers would give a right arm for such a bike,i was promised a bike once if i did well at school,needless to say i never found one in my Christmas stocking..i just presumed Father Christmas had to much sherry on the night the chimney was to small and fuck it lay on his lips..rather than the belief i was thick as pig shit on a hot summers day...but then again perhaps i was...
I have this fetish for abandoned,decaying, machinery,it warps my mind,i drift off into reams of fantasy..who built it,why..??..who left it..why..??.i even find it sexual which is the saddest part.Sometimes too i dream as if the souls would be released as i stroked the bare metal...i came across three decaying automobiles in a field in Western Australia,you could still smell the leather,time, heat threw off a smell pungent,melancholy,the rusting metal all shades of hue,spiders webs rampant across steering wheel,broken glass cascaded across the seat,reflecting cheap glass diamonds from someones life caught in a prism as they moved away for the last time.
Last saturday i just had to stop to try and capture that moment as the sun rose over the crest..bringing on the new day so full of hope,delight apprehension of what might come,the not knowing, the knotted stomach,the clasping glass of chardonnay,or simply taxi driver for the night it's all there life,in seconds,ticking without interference from the media barons gawping for control,if i so choose.

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