bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday 25th October 2007.

" For those who come to San Francisco be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. "
Such is the mood i find myself dwelling in this Thursday night,not quite the Kamikaze Emperor,not quite the Gnostic Dwarf.Some where arrows cross in the night air, crumpled street lights beacons in deep yellow neon sprinkle thoughts, the tapestry is pricked in needle light reflected from such source.
My life today seemed irrelevant,the putrefying massed metropolis squirmed in red brick,gashed 60's post war wonder-crete, drew pictures beast triffids climbed on the backs riding saccharine turtles into pregnantly pink dressed skin.
Trinkets in gargoyles skimmed troglodyte belly's,a chasm in the past flew into a rookery the noise was deafening,unexpected,i wanted to stay but would have made a fool of myself i felt it stood there..i am not ashamed of whom i have become,simply though i felt Apocalyptic,solitude can be both obstinate,scary in the tied one boot lace..i retreated fate trod in Thespian leaves,spiffy pierced the clicking door shut.I sighed...but not in regret..

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