bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday 15th November 2007.

Sssshhhhh..while i whisper to myself..just in case..just in case the Martians have landed on the common..Just in case above the ticking clocks i can hear the steady crump of falling jack boots in rhyme coming up the far are they star, where is my ink yes i have some quick before the sparks struck on the cobbles light up the night sky....before the lightening strikes show that i have not put out the regulated green bags..
Who is that quickly now he might not see us..the blue rimmed hat the machine held in hand..the sniff in the air..the tinted glasses a traffic warden..whats that you have not paid..paid what....quickly many bags have you put out..
You want what...Freedom..;...Freedom..yes, twas once in our grasp..but now forlorn in the swirl of the oppressive bin bag..the car parked over five minutes beyond time..the jack boot shines how easy it must be to pull such a symbol easy to transform...Hitler is not dead....a glazed troglodyte in every department the rubber stamp..the eagle has landed...I knew it was coming and i did nothing.
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