bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 27th November 2007.

The pay dispute,has,come to an end..the ballot..was Sixty-thirty..for...i wonder how those sixty-thousand will feel this time next year..will they be full of smiles..or will the thirty-thousand have to say told you the barge-pole is pushed ever further up the rectum to the point where eyes must surely bulge and the parrot on the popes shoulder cries " pieces of eight,pieces of eight " their hands unclench.
For the thirty thousand the fight goes on,as the band strikes up.." in to the valley " the nearest pub to drown all thoughts of what used to be.
They call it much tighter can the rope become before the word no is uttered not just by the thirty-thousand but all who climb out of bed to earn a few shekels more.
There again should i drift on such words..when an English Jordan is facing a possible forty lashes..for helping the school a Teddy Bear..Mohamad..somehow this is blasphemy..aaarrhh the world...i wonder what would have happened if the name chosen was Jesus and it was dressed in gingham.

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