bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 8th January 2008.

Possibly if the dates in side my head have not shrunken into purple violets some time past David Bowie whimpered out on to the planet today,brightening up the world for a short time,before the gloom now holding sway arrived over the horizon in what has became an alarming race to monster mash the four horses of apocalypse from unleashing any freak snotted rebel blown out from galloping hooves.The marshmallow morality left in the wash has not flickered one eyebrow,unless you have not paid your car tax on time, so spoke the early morning wireless..we the great unwashed have given them power to take away our cars and crush them unless we
Not one mention of Bowie today on the wireless therefore i must have the date wrong after all i am still human,i have not succumbed to sticking a blue tooth in my ear nor am i talking to a sat-nav machine on the dashboard.
Therefore today i will celebrate with my choice of three songs moving away from the top ten anything which drown us so much these days what ever happened to odd numbers are they freaks also.

For all trannie's everywhere...Rebel Rebel....
For all who step outside the box escape the label...The Jean Genie
For all those who have luved lost luved again...Sorrow....

I can say with what sanity i have left i am sure glad i was there in some form
at least.

" Got your mother in a whirl
She's not sure if your're a boy or a girl "
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