bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Monday January 14th 2008.

Can there be such a thing as simply a day.As i was riding around in my tiny red van this thought occurred to me in the small silence i had cocooned my self in.I have not switched on the chattering wireless in fourteen days,was the silence beginning to gnash away amongst the grey matter floating somewhere above my eyes.My hands certainly did not think so there was no reaching out,no withdrawal,no cold turkey,my companions were not leaping to tie their pink laces to hobnail around the swinging gate demanding as they have a tendency to do if they feel ignored.
The rain continued to pour,in blobs so thick custard floated across the main stream thought street process, the banging gates, the cracked letterboxes, clapped flapped in unison,no dog tried to bite my bollocks off,the horses in the field did not stir,even as i submerged in puddles giants bathed in,their long necks did not crane in indifference, even to the purr of the combustion engine passing by.The six seagulls in a line on a tall lamp post did not flap piss or shit as i turned beneath them, therefore was this simply a day.A foreskin day, one i would mark down in my snail diary,one i would cross off the calender in the kitchen as simply survived, the next morning.
Still with this thought, heavy protruding abstracting away any other visitor who wished to entice my thought waves via King Canute.As i passed the small day care centre for children aged one to five so the red scripted notice told me i glanced in, the chairs were lined up, the small tv screen blank no little bottoms,had yet sat before this wonder,last week i passed and i think bugs life or antz was on all eyes glued i thought nothing of it, today with the blank screen,the impending colour which was about to burst forth, broke my simply a day.Even now colour TV is a push in a vid or DVD just makes me go into childhood glee..yet would...Harry O..have left such an impression had it been colour,that flapping mac and walk along the beach..i wonder what the Muppet's would have looked like on black and white had i bothered to watch..would kermit have been as famous or would he have simply died a death in the constraints of LSD and hash browns.
I think i am trying to answer my own mind this evening by saying each day is special and leave it at that as tainted luv plays alone in tune to the ticking clock,as it mounts towards a new day,sometimes small wowo's are enough.

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