bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 23rd February 2008.

I believe,that i'm a little older today,do not know about the wise bit,for i still re-make some old mistakes from the past,maybe a little less as i journey;simply moreish enough to make the protoplasmic neuro-mush jester in yellow under pants gasp.
An 11 year old boy told me that Black Sabbath was not heavy rock,this morning i blew off the cobwebs swiped the dust steered away from my current fad with Jazz,kissed the needle and let rip as i sliced up pork offerings for the evening meal..What is this heavy rock,why such a label.In fact why has the world become so besotted with labels,maybe i should just stay quietly in the sleeping village twiddle my thumbs,masturbate and venture forth in my journey into Delia Smiths cook book,though i rather think even now i would not turn down a venture into her knickers that is off coarse she has time to roll them up her legs.
I did think of asking what he thought about masturbation and had it changed from my youth when the first pubic hair popping over yer underpants was something to show off behind the bike shed..perhaps not, i thought in the end i might be hauled off in a straight jacket stuffed in a padded room to watch nothing but " Here's Lucy " re-runs.
When i once brought home a " Uriah Heep " album stole it into my bedroom thinking wowo...only to hear " what a waste of money "..i nearly said well it will stop me from masturbating for a short while, but due to respect declined or was it more than respect never mind. I did think that should i be in such a position that i would not wag-finger myself the hard dark line drawn between generations.
Now in my fifties i find so often the line has already been drawn by some, however i can say at least not by i let this 11 year old scoff his chocolate cake..drink his fizzy his " something Biscuit " and live his dream, at least i did not retort rubbish, instead pulled another ring pull of the most obnoxious lager known to man " Carling " the worst thing ever produce in merry old England.

The small family do for a 16th birthday, also told me i had aged,maybe that is not quite right,perhaps just.." The times they're a changing " smacks me more in the eye than it used too.
I thought i would have a few words, with the young lad wish him well,keep my eyes above waist level and do all the family shite about the pitfalls certainly coming his way,especially as his father was my drinking buddy until the grim reaper carried him off at the tender age of 54..i remember my own fathers words simple short and right on the knuckle..." Luv'em and leave'um "..i did, presume he meant girls off coarse,needless to say not a pinch i followed...sigh.....i think that was more in hope than actual.
He brought his girlfriend who sat on his knee,whilst the elder ladies pondered this, i retreated to the kitchen drank some more dreadful lager pulled the T.V. on and watched for once yes once England Play a full 80 minutes grinding down the French Flair with brute strength and beat them on their own soil.
I reflected on the first time i took a girl home to dinner,i recall something like she forgot to pass the salt,or was it, some missed Please and thank yous it was a long time ago now,but i do recall..the twenty-four hour grilling i received next day on manners..i smile now thinking i wonder what steam train would have run through me, if she had sat on my knee.....yes sublime,or is it simply neuro-mush.
And yet people want that straight jacket back on and the sad thing is they now have the loudest voice..who ever wrote the "meek shall inherit the world " must have been drinking that shite lager...

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