bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Monday 17th March 2008.

The blue screen of death is laughing loud,the flesh of flaccid cocks cover winters gloomy sky, the skin in the array of wrinkles ring in bell-tones thrown from the great mass of early woken marching daffodils who's nodding heads bend weave in unison their thirst for spring sunshine unquenched.Their bright yellowness dazzles now at last, cocks in trumpet form cascade through fields of green,never before have i welcomed the turn in seasons this winter has been a Wall of China built in sandcastles,formed inter locked word upon word,each grain of sand a comment,each word obsessive becoming grit in the reading eye,hard to remove,as each layer compounds, even my friend Chardonnay at times has failed to wash away the unborn flatulent rhubarb dribbled in Elephant piss concreting this wall within.
A blog down under this evening mentioned Autumn rains,yes i thought gosh the wheel of seasons is turning, the final clod of winter could vanish in the spire vaunted blue skies.Could this autumn rain be the catalyst to bring down this wall i have built as each robust gloom arrived in bright mounted instructions.
Go straight to jail,do not pass go,do not collect two hundred pounds,the word Monopoly once paradise for kimono dressers lies tattered by sharks not with huge gaping jaws but carpet bags shredding shrimps in colours green.
Today i attended a workshop surrounding a computer programme built by the above sharks...delivered by a gentleman who's skin made me go gosh and the buttons on his jeans captured my mind rather than the film slides being projected.I understood today why much of my school days ended in failure,the ability to concentrate easily side stepped when discussing the Holy Roman Empire,yet i am sure i did not crotch watch at that tender age...perhaps it was the thoughts of flatulent rhubarb back then.
There were as always some laughs between jean buttons,picture slides full of information on how the sharks seem to be winning so well these days.
One lad attending also holds a few part time jobs one of which is a naked waiter..the howls of laughter echoed the usual puns roared,i did enquire how much...thirty pound for the first hour,fifteen there after he certainly had the body of which i sighed..and for once someone is eating the sharks.With my body now i should think not even a pound for the first hour,and more likely go directly to jail there after.However not all is lost i have reached the bottom of this blog in a reasonable frame of mind i wanted to scribble something about Iraq.Iran...and other such words which have drawn the thought waves to the feet of old king Canute.But knowing myself there is always tomorrow until the shilling fails.

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