bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 20th April 2008.

Most unusual for me to scribble here on a Sunday morning,the clock face is telling me 8am,the mind is wondering can i make it,i am not a fast writer though really i should say scribbler as my English is not brave enough for such a title owing to the word bollocks uttered so often during English grammar lessons.When the race across the class was more interested in finding the first pubic hair the sign of manhood beginning, some of us wanted badly to embrace this word manhood others well were content to still rally around playing football.
The spinning top,has pushed me around full circle in these advancing years no longer playing football and eager to count the hairy whispers.However the main reason for me to sit here in relative silence is to build up my mind for the trade union meeting i am going to attend in a few hours,knowing the word doom and gloom will be on all our minds if the scrapings of the world are not indeed uttered.
I am somewhat surprised that today of all days should be chosen for the AGM..for it is Adolf's birthday...part of his 1932 speech is on " You Tube "
receiving over half a million hits..there again the way management and not just ours now punch the night stick...maybe picking today is a piss take on those above us.I had to smile yesterday when amongst the pages of the saturday edition of the Independent was a small article surrounding the fact that those in white coats have managed to laser a fly in to believing it has changed sex,it was not a particular happy smile,adding on to Hitlers birthday,where indeed will this century lead.Am i thankful knowing i will not be around for a large part of it,should i simply sigh reaching for ho-hum and a bottle of Chardonnay.Or attend this mornings meeting with some hope.
I think this week ahead will bring the simple word hope to the fore front of this tired old mind..The hours ahead bring in St Georges day..a day you can only whisper scuttle down back streets,hail to the amber nectar performing in piss flaps music from ring pulls for the mass of the great unwashed.ANZAC day is also there i like the song sung by the Pogues..with the line about " forgetting what we are marching for " more importantly for me i shall dwell on the time i spent in Perth.Perhaps Tuesday i shall raise a glass for Linda Lovelace..who died in a car crash at the young age, so people tell me, of 53.
I cannot say i ever watched " deep throat "..but i have certainly tasted it,which reminds me i must count my pubic's to see if i have reached manhood this morning...8.50am..

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