bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 8th June 2008.

The days pass,the hand faulters across the keyboard,the wine flowing in tall thin stemmed glasses shines through the sunlit sky,the world moves on, am i being left behind,does it even bother me as the cork weaves bobs in amongst the blue haze,the open kitchen door as summer soft foot falls,the music wails in mournful tune to the spiders in corners hanging on chain mail webs hovering over such white metal boxes as da fridge, the house of white wine banks, to the left.
Last night i prepared the evening meal,i awoke this morning having no recollection of tasting such food,infact i am not sure if i ate at all,and yet i dare not ask..i do remember washing up after the meal..i do remember throwing an article of clothing out of the kitchen door in a fit of giggles but eating nary nothing.....the cough drops have got me.I stood in the shower this morning thinking Jesus..WTF....stood before the mirror wet shaving thinking Good God...the second bottle is the killer cough drop...maybe i should go back to beer maybe then the cough drop boys will not have me.

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