bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 13th July 2008.

Is it really three years,since i smelt,tasted, Australia,has my uncle really been washed up against the shores of the Swan River,for that long.Do they call it Tempus Fugit, someone quoted such an utterance to me this week i am afraid i had to search it out,sounded like a washing powder for the feet,i thought the sender was extracting the urine alas no.And so i sigh on that note.I have been more quiet than usual,through the past week i watched the film " Control " surrounding the life of Ian Curtis shot in black and white which for me made the 117 minutes more awesome than i care to dwell on.Perhaps i might watch again there again perhaps not, left to gather dust on the shelf, what ever was in the directors mind proved for myself the need to rewatch needless as his work was done by leaving a footprint across the mind.To ponder on when the white dot of the film had eclipsed to the off button.
The weather has been that shite for July with the only sunshine coming in awkward blobs between vast gashes of rain storms...yesterday whilst in such i spied a flower shop pots of sunflowers spoke stop and buy one take me home i'll brighten your day, so i did,the Sunflower now sits on the kitchen window speaking volumes in memory jerks the rip tide flowing over king Canutes thonged feet in tune to the beat from Tracy Chapmans fast car falls from the yellow petals slithers across the kitchen floor i wonder what the silver fish think perhaps i might ask them as i tie on my work boots in the small hours of the morning.
This weekend i had on a whim a Tracy Chapman Marathon all eight Cd's in one purge as i cooked, tossed around the kitchen,making the Chardonnay quite delightful...Fast Car..still cannot be beat, the memories of my old drinking mate pushing in the cassette in the old battered car hold sway to a cloud of other wonders from across open waters,green wellies,dark woods only gargoyles in habit punch across the mind.During this orgy of music i scribbled down my top five...Fast Car/Cold Feet/In My Life/Matters of the Heart/All that you have is your soul,they are in no particular order just scribbles as they came on the turn table.
As for soul, my female who sits inside me,demanded a treat this weekend so after work on Saturday i visited one of those drug stores that sell everything apart from fast Cars,picked up some new tweezers as i have found pulling out my unwanted hair gives a smoother finish than the antic's of covering all with shaving foam..i also bought some nail varnish..the young sweet check out girl neatly packed my bought items giving me some asking looks and was brave enough to say with a smile will you be wearing the nail varnish tonight..i of coarse replied in a positive note,i hope she finds some sweet man in her life.

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