bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

tuesday 26th September 2006.

Slave is sat here reflecting,on the weekend,that has passed by,and the words of his contract to serve such a mistress.Slave had four main tasks,to serve the lady,which he did,and has found it more pleasurable,and the certain lazy demon who urrmms..!! and arrhs..!! surrounding such requests from the lady, to be slightly free from the old man-yarna which had crept into slaves life whilst free form the collar, his only excuse maybe found in the vino-verde,whilst searching through the shadows for a new mistress,over the dark years.

task two was the introduction of the chocolate ration,which once more slave really needed,as some times in the midwinter sunshine the jingle of money in his pocket would soon be emptied to the tune of wrappers and thus the belly began to grow big enough to,have a dance on,this is going to be hard and slave feels that each bar he succumbs to shall be reported and the wrath of mistress must take effect with a gusto that will make slave think twice before falling for the gay wrappers,without permission from mistress to increase the ration laid down.

Task three was the wearing of pegs for a time then adding another five minutes there after on the sack of the testicles,three such pegs were clamped on and the fine line between pleasure and pain fought a ready battle until the sting of removal restored the status quo and the throbbing slowly receded from the mind,slave liked this and the punishment would be the amount of pins and length of time,thus concentrating the mind on whom slave really serves.

Lastly the instruction for slave not to touch his cock from first reading the instruction until midnight sunday....opened his eyes to the richness of Mistress's imagination and the thought of how much mistress's mind would work in the future sent delightful shivers down his spine,slave,did not fail but the craving to touch was like nothing slave had ever experienced ever,and to imagine being locked in a something else altogether.

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