bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Friday 26th September 2008.

2.15am..i sit here,why..???? it my advancing years rocking me awake at this old cliche..ungodly hour..i have for company the ticking clocks, the rush of rubber outside the window does not exist,i have a can to my right thankfully tis only horny that sounds even at this hour,thankfully too not Chardonnay or i would be worried.
Am i sleep weary because the two chatter boxes are away..??,or is this another way for the demons to visit....HA..i say imported..perhaps to many strawberries have been consumed or perhaps the thought of all that cream so suggested is alive wire.
I do however feel that i am back retro-rocketed to the seventies and the oil crisis,the leap in prices in pennies,yet today in vast shillings, the wonder if the world is going to the big bang mode.Am i as afraid,as then or perhaps thinking well, only another twenty odd years and my life on this planet will be wrapped up in only visible footprints and not of the carbon type either.
Is the carbon footprint real or a money making scam,perhaps the mumble jumble of all these thoughts are why i am sat here,the clock chimes soon calls...i must sleep..i must sleep.

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