bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Major Tom lost in his " Tin can " amongst the black holes of space,is perhaps the only man who can communicate in the English language,that has not heard name of the possible next president of the United States of America.The amount of words poured forth from the simple wireless i have tuned into has woven enough words to fill a tapestry large enough for King Kong to encompass coast to coast America in one single movement and blanket it from the world's vision.
Every blog i have read this past month has been so alive with politics,enough for Jack to dispense with his trusty beanstalk in his quest to reach beyond the sky, climbing instead on simple building blocks of words chugged out,some cleaned re-cleaned before once more carefully rebuilt glued to a hope of bringing the safe return of Major Tom intact in his tin can for all.
The hysteria today heard from BBC Radio five live,when a certain person went to vote for himself even made my tiny red van pullover to one side breathless.
If in the next forty-eight hours or less this certain person wins,then it could be possibly one of those moments in life when i will know exactly where in time i stopped and gasped.
The big problem with it all,for myself is will this person, his fountain of hope cascade around the world bringing a tapestry of peace much needed by all.Or has the propaganda stoked the bonfires so high only Guy Fawkes will have the last laugh when dry tear ashes are all that is left in the palms of Major Tom.
This will not be the first time in my adult life that such out pourings have gathered, brewing storm-hope words only to be found aimlessly floating out at sea with only ghosts as coated sailors lolling,guarded by a lone circling albatross for company the empty words booming amongst the playing surf,a life boat unmanned the tiller tied,a last emblem in bygone age when Noel Coward drew off his hat in the noon day sun.Leaving those who are left to ponder..WTF..
I can think of two such politicians who's " it can only get better " floundered in the past was a film star in the Philippines,i can remember sat by a tiny wireless swatting insects intent in bleeding me white trying in vain to pick out some English words as the results chattered in,the hope of the people then, the look on patch work faces, the chatter around night lights tracts of beer dribbling bubbles of hope rising high among voices clothed in empty pockets.
And one who should have been a film star in dear old Blighty.....and well already a library of books has been written about him.
I just hope the American people can hack it,with out the need to pick up a machine gun in some shopping mall,instead of sighing WTF like the rest of us who remember such a glimmer of hope.,should it not come to pass.

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