bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Monday 17th November 2008.

I am in a BLA frame of mind,not a hard form, to find myself in on a wet damp dreary Monday just south of the giant squid City of Manchester where rain drizzled down urban brick walls.Helping the mind to infuse some thoughts, cooking towards help get me outta here.
I have been sending some crazy e-mails to friends with " Hello Kitty " back grounds am i slipping into madness,or have i already arrived.Maybe this is some defense against the hoards of melancholy madness rainbows shinning out of untouchable blue jeans,as i age further past the 35 year sell by date, when trawling through adverts, which claim big cock needs sucking, emotional in solitude against time past when my own skin under the age of 35 was smooth as big cock needs sucking,against the gloom of drizzled red bricked barnacled walls these jeans strut by. Time becomes a dung beetle raptured in legs clothed oblivious to gargoyle trinkets found on a wet Monday and so i sigh,maybe not in the light from candle of hope.But simply i do have the box of matches of which to light such candles.
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