bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 7th December 2008.

Amoxicillin...what a tiny gem...what bliss to sit here pause without my mind in constant battle against the obstinate pink tooth fairy dressed in her big black hobnailed boots performing the Irish rover on one particular tooth,the past week has been much concentration in pulling on my own work boots working on auto pilot during such a busy time then collapsing in the deepest darkness of night with the company of rubber hot water bottles for company,my vanity has been selfish i have hardly turned on this purple machine to wander through the groves of friends scribbles,it was so bad not even flesh in pictures was cared about.
This has been the worst toothache i have had to endure during the darkness of night the feelings came as if my tooth was alive i could almost feel it jumping jigging around as if i could reach in and simply pluck it out,i found it a strange contrast.My mind this week has tried to baffle how i enjoy other sorts of pain, even seek it out, yet this particular tooth fairy was a dance to far a sugar plum fairy with big steel toe capped balls.Life is such a strange beast...

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