bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 11th January 2009.

One of the promises roaming around the cluttered street mix inside my head for the coming year, in which i sit this morning already on the eleventh day..was to blog more in this haphazard journal.
I have already failed on the first stinging nettle approach to the new year,i have as always a host of excuses in which to feed my mind into the comfort zone that i am not crazy,or more crazy than anybody else who sits amongst this community either with wave bands of music helping the blue screen of death to become a little more happier,or those that simply have the ticking clock and the rush of rubber passing the window to the world,as they scribble.
What drives this sit here in the first place..for me myself...i come to think of a snug bar in some old fashioned pub,which now no longer exist,banished for ever by those who have the largest jaws of which to scream out,that they are simply thinking the evil is to sit in some warm room comforted by a pint of foaming mirth,the blue haze of smoke,from those addicted,i could be possibly attracted to those old places to watch the flicker of cards the tiny piles of gold coins that shuffle across the beer stained table,the cards so worn so sticky other thoughts creep into the mind as another pint foams down the throat,or perhaps the heavy chested barmaid who used to haunt such places,then there were the young bar lads who's lunch boxes remained below the bar top always wet with slopped beer making the mind befuddled as yet another pint of foaming mirth was placed on bar top..
How can cyber space compare to such..?? the mind can perform wonders glimpsed from behind rose tinted needs to as this new year opens up, for that is the only thing that is not controlled by THOSE....the Labour Party..a party once for the people who once crept though the heavy door into the snug bar, is looking for some body of advertising people to promote in a good light the identity card..aaarrrhhh yes..i want one of those..sigh and sigh again.
And so the year moves on,the future is...???????

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