bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday 29th January 2009.

January....40 years ago this month,i was stood on the steps of a boarding school on the first day in the time my last day arrived some four years later..even though there were some scary days,months,i did not want to leave.
January....18 years ago this month i was stood in New York City..i did want to leave..this month has been much on my thoughts as i travel around in my tiny red van this particular week...simply because i found an old photo of myself taken on board a ferry passing the statue of Liberty...the photo was taken by an Australian Lad who i teamed up with for the few days we trod the pavements in awe of this great city together, it is even more poignant when catching up on a blog earlier in the week on a mention of L.C. the one word in all the scribbles catching my imagination was shipwrecked.
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