bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Friday 29th September 2006.

Slave today,has felt mistress's wrath,and has slinked away and duly taken note,thankfull that slave has not been cast out to the demons beyond.Slave has began to take the punishments handed out by mistress and has already performed one such,by putting balls and cock on ice pack for thirty minutes and the numbness brought home how lonely it would be if slave was once more floundering in the mass of human numbness,looking once more for a collar in which to serve,slave also hopes he does no more wrong,bringing down the wrath before the most wanted package is sent.

Slave thinks that mistress,is taking owning a slave in her stride and has,and is adapting to such a roll,with ease and relish at the thought that mistress has the power to control someone who has voluntary committed himself to the worship to such beauty.Slave must be careful and most loyal to all her wishes in case mistress desires to increase her ownership of slaves in the future.This is something that slave must not discount,as mistress grows more powerful and confident in her roll in the world.slave also hopes that by carrying out mistress's desires mistress has been slightly appeased and has only to wait the outcome of the nettles,which slave feels once more the wrath will explode and slave is ready to obey mistress's desires.

Slave now knows,that any such pleasures or pain should be only granted with mistress's permission.

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