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Tuesday 10th March 2009.

Today my Black boots said enough....pull out those headphones..turn off..Joy Division...The Undertones and leave Oasis alone...Put down the Penguin classic Empire by Niall Ferguson..pull on yer hat,lets go out into the wide blue yonder for at least awhile lets blow out some old cobwebs.
For six hours i walked through the mad dogs and Englishmen, through wildlife,which back home would be in cages sat in front windows or in a zoo,how nice to see them having a hissing fit or flaked out in the noon day sun with not a piece of steel in sight.I paid too much for a small bottle of coco-cola in a corner shop..i paid less than home for a mixed box of KFC..strange country...a nice smile and some words rather than a simple hand and how much...i would have lingered longer gazing at this nice creature alas the canned music drove me out God forbid should Joy division ever find it's way inside the can of KFC...
I walked by the river a mature couple lying on the grass legs,arms a kimbo,further on the jetty a mother and toddler feeding sea gulls..the spray can paint on the under path walls is the same world wide,angry.....the young fair headed man sat in shade playing keyboards in the town square had his lunch box covered...sigh...and yet had no place to tip coins....I walked into a music shop and bought nothing The gravel voice of L.C...is on every shelf i could feel Suzanne with her oranges....i have a fetish for asian pop so hoping Singapore is cheaper...is perhaps the answer why i bought none... as the L.C. is three disc's my fingers were itchy....The creature in the Chardonnay shop is divine my last visit, as my black boots will fly onwards shortly,i wanted to say such but failed miserably....A late shower,late nap,brought me to my e-mail box..one message before i blogged...a demand to have his cock sucked reply with time and date..where..?? in Manchester...i sighed..laughed..what could one do..i think they call it sods law..my black boots also smiled i am not alone...



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